Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spoiled Rotten

After a long day of work, after which I got to go pay my taxes, I finally got home and discovered that...


My frogged, restarted, and lately neglected sock wonders, What's in the box?

A wee little peek inside....

The loot!

Take a look at this fantastic package! Here you see yummy smelling shampoo and conditioner, a pair of sock slippers with SHEEP on them(!), a bath pouf in the shape of a flower, OPI nail polish (color: La Paz-itively Hot), a cute little candle with a quilt square motif, four skeins of Classic Elite Mistral (15% baby alpaca, 85% pima cotton), a package of Ghirardelli 60% cocoa dark chocolate squares, and an adorable tote bag that'll be just perfect for carrying my knitting for the car trip to DC this weekend!

All this wonderful stuff was courtesy of my fantastic Pampered Pal, Wendy, who also included a note on a knitting notecard (where did you find those? they're so cute!). Thanks, Wendy, you just made my day!


  1. YAY! OH JOY OH JOY! Pampering has occurred!! You received some awesome stuff!!! Cool!!!!!!!

  2. Im so glad you like!!..I hope you give yourself a nice pampering night. It was so much fun trying to fill a box with pampering stuff..It takes me forever to make up my mind *lol*..So glad you got it...and it wasn't to late!

    Your Pal

  3. oops I forgot.. The notecards are great arent they? *lol* you can find them at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Ben Franklins, I am sure they are at other crafty stores as well.

  4. lucky you! what a luxurious care package.