Sunday, August 13, 2006


Pattern: Adamas Shawl by Miriam
Yarn: Knit Picks Shadow in colorway Lost Lake
Needles: Addi Turbo 24" circular, US 5
Started/Finished: late June?/August 11
Mods: none

I am so pleased with the way this shawl turned out. This was my first attempt at lace almost a year ago, but I had to rip it out twice because I kept having issues with stitch count. As it turns out, the culprit was incorrect yarn overs, which I learned to do correctly for my mom's shawl. Once I restarted this shawl (sometime before I moved; I can't pinpoint an exact date) it was all smooth sailing.

This is a great pattern. Miriam is not only a very talented designer, she's also super friendly and helpful if you have problems. I have patterns for two more of her shawls, and I'll be starting Seraphim next, likely tonight (I wound my yarn for it last night).

Today was Stitch 'n Pitch at PNC Park and was it ever a perfect day. We upgraded our seats -- my parents had two tickets behind the Pirates' dugout -- so we had a great view, and we got all sorts of goodies. Plus, I think it was the first game I'd been to in a couple years where I got to see the Buccos actually win! And completing a sweep, no less! But more details on that tomorrow. Tonight, I have some more lace shots for you to admire (and please excuse the casual duds. They're what we wear around here when we come home all sweaty from the ball game and have to shower off.)


  1. ohhhh, SJ, that looks awesome!! I wish lace didn't intimidate me so much. :(

  2. So. Beautiful!

  3. so beautiful!! I wound the yarn for mine today. I can't wait to get it started.

  4. YAY! It looks great!

  5. Oh wow, it is done! It looks GREAT!! I love it in that gray gray color. Oh, and it looks so precise and pointed and gorgeous. It looks great.

  6. Anonymous6:19 PM

    It is perfect!

  7. Ooh, loverly! Beauttiful pattern, isn't it? I've ordered yarn for Miriam's Icarus shawl in Interweave Knits. Can't wait to start it.