Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whoooooo's Cute?

Thanks to a day off from work and a fairly cooperative toddler who let me work on her sweater, I finished Rainbow's cardigan!

Pattern: Snowy Owl Cardigan by Elizabeth Suarez, size 2T
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers (100% Peruvian highland wool), color 9461, approximately two skeins, with scraps of Cascade 220 Wool in a dark brown shade and Patons Classic Merino in a cream/off-white
Needles: US 4 (3.5 mm) Knit Picks Options
Started/Completed: February 4/February 20
Mods: none

This pattern went so much faster the second time around, despite the fact that I was making a larger size. The intarsia portion was much smoother, for one thing, and I can tell that my tension was a lot more even than it was on my first attempt. I was very happy to use up the rest of this color of Cascade 220, of which I originally had 10 skeins from a WEBS purchase five or six years ago.

Although I used the same needle size as last time, I think I was a little closer to gauge on this sweater, though it still has a bit of room in it -- just enough that Rainbow should be able to wear it for a couple of seasons before it gets too small. I used a slightly heavier yarn for the owl, and I like the fluffy effect I got as a result.

Although she told me that she really likes it and was happy to help me pick out buttons once the knitting was complete, Rainbow did not want to model it for me. I put it on her and tried to get her to pose, and this is what I got:

This is what we call a toddler meltdown -- we have at least one a day here!

Now that her sweater is done, I am free to cast on for one of my own, so I did some swatching.

It's not a great photo because I didn't have good lighting, but this, my friends, is nearly perfect gauge in my handspun for I Heart Aran. My stitch gauge is spot on, and I'm only one row off over four inches on row gauge. We are a go!


  1. Was that left over from your Central Park Hoodie?

    At least her meltdowns don't involve charging around in circles and trying to slip her collar...

  2. It's adorable and I love that shade of green. As far as toddler meltdowns, I was once at a lecture by a child psychiatrist and they said that for every parent trying to raise a child, there is a child trying very hard to raise a parent. Rainbow is just exasperated by your stubborn refusal to do what she says! ;)

  3. @ Stripeyspots, I think you may be on to something there! After I snapped this one, she kept saying to me, "Take my picture back, Mommy!" Clearly she just didn't want her photograph taken!