Monday, May 13, 2013

The Time Trap

I know it may seem like I've fallen off the face of the earth, but let me assure you I have not. I've just been insanely busy, and life has kept me away from my knitting, my spinning, and my blog.

My brother (I nearly typed "baby brother," but I don't think I can call him that anymore) graduated from law school on Friday. Several relatives came in from out of town for the event, including an aunt and uncle who I haven't seen in about two and a half years, so much of our time this weekend was spent with family. We had a big family dinner on Friday night that kept us all up late -- and that meant Rainbow was up super early on Saturday morning (for some reason, if she goes to bed late, she gets up early). After a family brunch, she lost her cool and actually took a nap, which gave me just enough time to run to Target for some needed stuff and get back just as her new bedroom furniture was being delivered. By the time we got her bed made and had transferred her needed items to the new room, it was time to get her dinner. Then her babysitter arrived and we left for another family dinner, from which we didn't return until after 10. Then, yesterday, we had both our families over for a Mother's Day lunch.

Between all the visiting and eating (plus the usual cleaning and errands that have to be done over the weekend), I hardly touched my needles and only glanced at my wheel all weekend. I started the second sleeve of my Mad May sweater on Saturday night and got the cuff and about eight rows beyond that done by bedtime. Yesterday afternoon, the Mister very nicely allowed me to have some time to myself, so I was able to catch up on the DVR and get a good portion of sleeve done. By the time I had to put it down for the night, I had only 20 rounds left to do. That means tonight (provided a certain toddler goes to sleep easily), I will be able to start the yoke!

I did take my sock bag with me in the car over the weekend, and as a result I was able to finish the first of the pair. This is the one knit from the traditional three ply, and it's a plain vanilla sock with the exception of the heel. I'm not sure what this heel is called (it may be a Cat Bordhi sock architecture), but basically I worked the heel flap and gusset simultaneously while continuing to work in the round and then worked a flap back and forth on the bottom of the heel. I figured that because the socks I've been wearing out have all developed holes in the heel area, a little bit of extra reinforcement is not a bad idea.

While I was at it, I cast on for the second sock and did a little bit of the cuff. I'm doing some mock cable twists in the ribbing so that I can easily tell the two socks apart; otherwise, they'll be identical. I had a fair amount of yarn leftover from the first sock, so I'm hopeful that the yardage I have for sock #2 is sufficient. If not, I can always use the leftovers for the toe.

I'm hoping that I can have both of these projects done before the end of the month, though things in the next two weeks are likely to be just as busy. I just have to remind myself that knitting is my stress relief, so sometimes I need to do it to keep myself sane!

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  1. It's true how sometimes you find yourself forgetting to do the things that keep you calm and focused. This whole work/life balance thing is hard!