Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cupcakes for My Feet

At long last, I'm finally finished with my Tour de Fleece spindle project. If you recall, I started with these scrumptious superwash merino/nylon sock batts from the Cupcake Fiber Company (1 oz. each).

I spun each one up separately on my Bosworth Mini, which I'd bought at MDSW this year. I averaged about one batt a week, mostly spinning during my lunch break at work. When all six ounces were done, I mixed them up to ply them on my Lendrum. Now I have two gorgeous skeins of sock yarn.

They ended up being pretty darn close in yardage -- 298 yards and 305 yards -- so it seems I was pretty consistent. I used up all but a tiny amount of my singles (which will go on my leftovers bobbin).

The finished yarn looks to be a good light fingering weight, and with this yardage, I have plenty for a pair of pretty tall socks for me.

Meanwhile, after getting that out of the fiber stash and into the yarn stash, I almost replaced it with an Etsy purchase last week. I won an Etsy gift card from one of my Tour de Fleece teams, and I'd been saving it until I spied something truly fabulous. About a week ago, I clicked over from a Ravelry ad and spied some truly stunning batts. Before I knew what I was doing, I'd added them to my cart and was checking out. I don't think I'll regret this particularly purchase though.

These Corgi Hill Farm batts are each 2 oz. and have a luxurious blend of 50% merino, 20% yak, 20% bombyx silk, and 10% Firestar. The colorway is called Candied Violets (quite apt, I must say). I took a photo with the flash on so you can see the sparkle.

The package arrived three days after I placed the order and included a small sample of other fiber and some candy -- excellent service in my book! I think these will be a lot of fun to spin up. I'm planning on spinning each one on its own and plying them together, and then the yarn is definitely going to become a cowl or scarf or shawlette -- anything I can drape around my neck so I can fully appreciate the softness!


Stripeyspots said...

Frankly, I'm blown away by your spindled yarn. It's so perfect!

knottygnome said...

gorgeous stunning yarn and congrats on your prize! those batts look delightful