Sunday, February 02, 2014

All the Colors of the Rainbow

As I had hoped, I managed to finish spinning up the third and final bobbin of my rainbow fiber on Friday night, which meant that last night when I sat down to spin, it was time for a marathon plying session. (Luckily I had my miniSpinner at the ready, so at least most of the work was done for me.) I didn't finish up until after 11, which is rather late for me, so I saved skeining and washing for this morning. Alas, it's a dark, damp day here and the skein is still drying, so you'll have to make do with a couple of prewash shots.

First, here's the whole thing on the bobbin -- a sight that makes me very glad that I have these enormous WooLee Winder bobbins:

And here it is skeined up on my niddy noddy:

It really did turn out exactly as I was hoping -- there just a bit of overlap from one color to the next, but I finished with just a little bit of singles on two bobbins when the first ran out, so I split my colors pretty well and spun them fairly consistently.

I won't know exactly how much yardage I ended up with until the skein is fully dry and I can measure it, but I had 300 wraps on my niddy noddy, so even accounting for shrinkage, I'm hopeful I'll have somewhere in the 500 yard range. This is Polwarth, so it should fluff up a bit from the wash, but it looks to be fingering weight.

After all that color, I was craving some more, so I pulled out this Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino (from my very last CMF order) and am spinning up some three-ply sock yarn.

I have caught the spinning bug once again, so I wouldn't be surprised if you see this as yarn in another week or two!

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