Sunday, October 26, 2014

Autumn and Winter Together

Spinning thick yarn can be such a treat -- I really should do it more often. You've seen the two plies of this yarn when they were in progress, but here's the finished yarn:

This was my October Fat Cat Knits shipment, which I got in superwash merino. One colorway, Ruby Truffle, looked very autumnal to me -- reds, greens, browns, and oranges, just like the changing fall leaves. The other colorway, Periwinkle Sky, looked just like the colors of Frozen to me -- blues, purples, white, and dark green. I may have taken the easy way out by simply spinning each colorway up separately and plying them together, but I do like the results.

The finished yarn looks to be about DK weight (though there are some spots that are a little thinner and some that are a little thicker), and it's approximately 256 yards. Rainbow had asked me to spin it for her, so this skein is destined to become a hat and perhaps mittens.

Meanwhile, I started a new project last night with some fiber that a friend brought me back from one of her trips home to Michigan maybe a year or so ago. It was a big bag (8 oz.) of fiber, and I split it roughly into thirds for a traditional three ply. I'm spinning it to match some moorit Shetland fiber I spun up a couple of summers ago with the intention of using them together in a two-color shawl.

It's not spinning up perfectly smooth because it's roving, rather than top, but I think it'll be fine in the long run. I'm still getting a kick out of the label that came attached to the bag:

Apparently I'm spinning 112% fiber!

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