Sunday, March 27, 2016

Back Where I Belong

It's unusual for me not to spin for more than a week, but in this case, it couldn't be helped as it would have been extremely impractical to try to bring a wheel with me. My fingers were itching to get to some fiber, though, so today, as soon as I'd done all the cleaning and errands and stuff that had to be done, I sat down at my wheel for several hours to catch up on some video podcasts and start a new project.

I didn't know at first what I wanted to spin, but I knew I wanted something that said "spring" to me, so I took a look at the shelf in the stash room that is now almost exclusively Southern Cross Fibre club shipments and pulled out this coordinate from last November:

This is Comeback wool, a breed out of Australia that shares some characteristics with Merino, Polwarth, and Bond, in a colorway called Westringia (an Australian shrub). I decided to spin a relatively quick and dirty two ply, so I split the top in half and started spinning. In the span of maybe two and a half to three hours of spinning off and on, I nearly finished the first half.

That little bit of wool you can see off to the right behind the bobbin is all that's left to spin of the first half, and I may try to finish it up after I post this.

My first shipment for the next round of the FatCatKnits Mixed Blessings club arrived while we were away, and though I was able to see some spoilers in the FCK Ravelry group, I was very excited to see it in person. The theme for this round of the club is "Under the Sea," and the first pairing is two colorways called Cinnamon Clownfish and Sea Anenome:

They were pretty like this, but then I undid the label and found even more pretty colors underneath it:

I picked Targhee for my fiber choice for this round, and I'm really looking forward to spinning it (Targhee being one of my favorites). I need to do some thinking about how best to spin it, though. I think the two colorways could look really good plied with each other, but they'd also be pretty spectacular on their own.

The title of this post refers not only to the fact that I'm back home but also to my favorite spinning spot, which got a bit of an upgrade shortly before we went away. Over the past couple of months, we've slowly been in the process of turning the former nursery into a den. First we had to clear out the old furniture and miscellaneous stuff we were storing in there, and then we acquired a new sleeper sofa, floor lamp, and desk. The crib and changing table are being stored away for whichever one of our siblings needs them first, but I didn't want to give up the glider, where I spent many hours rocking Rainbow when she was an infant. So I decided to move it into the bedroom to be my new spinning chair. (We gave the chair and footrest that used to be there to my brother.) I'm quite happy with the new setup, even if I can't really rock because of the wall behind the chair:

If you'll ignore the sweatshirts that are covering most of the chair, you'll see that I have a pretty comfy seat. It's also noticeably higher than the old chair, so I'm in a much more ergonomic position when I sit to spin. The footrest is perfect for holding my kates and miscellaneous spinning stuff, too. I predict many happy hours of spinning in this chair!

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