Sunday, April 22, 2018

Full of Fiber

While I may have been focused on my knitting over the past week, don't think I haven't been thinking about my spinning! First, here's a proper look at the two skeins I finished last weekend with the two different preps of the same fiber blend.

This is the skein spun worsted from combed top, and it's a light fingering and approximately 370 yards.

And this is the woolen skein, spun long draw from batts, which is closer to DK weight (though variable) and 175 yards.

New fiber has come into the stash in the past couple of weeks. First, there was a batt that I won as a prize from the 90% Knitting podcast, 2.9 oz. of merino, BFL, Corriedale, milk protein, and nylon from Unwind Yarn Company -- a bit of a collector's item, as I understand that Dana no longer sells fiber.

Then my Southern Cross Fibre March 2018 shipment showed up; the colorway is Islander and it's on Falkland top.

And because I don't already have enough fiber in my stash, yesterday I finally had a chance to stop by the Ross Farm Mercantile in Washington, Pa., where they were featuring a Hobbledehoy trunk show, and I picked up some beautiful battlings (I actually bought two bags so I'd have a full 4 oz. to play with, but I didn't want to make a mess).

Lest you think all I'm doing is acquiring fiber these days, rest assured I'm still spinning. I pulled out some older SCF club fiber (last September's shipment of Squawk on Spelsau top) and am spinning up some three-ply sock yarn.

There's some yellow, burnt orange, and brown in the colorway as well, but I just adore this bright green.

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  1. It was a gorgeous weekend for a bit of a road trip! Nice spinning!