Sunday, July 01, 2018

T Minus Six

We are now less than a week away from that wonderful summer tradition, the Tour de Fleece. I am working on trying to finish up my current spin before then so I can start the Tour with empty bobbins (not that there's any prohibition against starting with a spin in progress, but it feels good to start off something new at the beginning). I'm on the last strip of Southern Cross Fibre Corriedale and hope to have all the singles spun in the next day or two, giving me the rest of the week to take care of plying it.

I'm also planning out what will go on the wheel first on Saturday. I'm spinning for two teams this year, Southern Cross and HipStrings, so the first two projects will be their fiber.

On the left is the HipStrings TdF colorway, dyed on superwash domestic wool. It'll become a traditional three ply for socks. On the right is what remains to be spun of the 550 g of SCF Charollais that I bought sometime last year and started spinning exactly a year ago, along with the first skein that I spun and the remaining singles. I'll be spinning the three bundles in the back to match, if all goes well, ending up with a semi-woolen three-ply heavy worsted. I'm hopeful that these will all get spun up quickly and I can dive into the rest of my stash for additional projects, but if all I get done is these two spins, I'll be quite happy.

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