Wednesday, April 05, 2006


In spite of the fact that I have been knitting the better part of my life, I still have that occasional beginning knitter (aka "what was I thinking?!") moment. Case in point: my Lady's Plain Winter Socks.

There I was knitting along speedily, a few rows into the heel flap, when I decided I'd like to try the sock on to see how pretty it looked on my foot. Big uh-oh -- it was waaaaay too tight. Where did I go wrong? You guessed it; I neglected to double my yarn for the cast on to make it stretchy enough to fit around my calf, in spite of the fact that I'd just done it correctly for both of J's socks. Big time "D'oh!" moment. So while waiting for the bus I completely frogged my 9+ inches of pretty Storm sock. Trust me, I got some funny looks while doing that. I re-cast on (correctly this time!) last night and got about three inches done by the time I had to leave for work this morning. Everything was going well, and then what did I do? I left my knitting on the couch. In my apartment. When did I discover this? About 30 seconds after I got on the bus this morning, when I reached in my purse to pull it out for some productive bus knitting. Grrrr.

So, until I've made up all that lost knitting time and have something resembling a sock to show you, I'll just post this picture from the Knit Picks site that shows the colorway. Obviously my sock looks a little different, but you get the idea of the colorway.

Looks like these socks will be going to D.C. with us this weekend. Who knows -- maybe your first sight of them will be with a famous monument or a famous politician!

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