Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Most. Gorgeous. Socks. Ever.

Progress continues on my Pomatomus, and I am falling completely head-over-heels with this pattern. Just look how pretty:

This pattern was really intimidating before I actually sat down and started it, and as you can probably tell by how quickly this sock is coming along, I'm not having any problems with it at this point. The pattern itself is fairly intuitive. Essentially it's a P1 K1 tbl rib, with a K2tog that "moves" from right to left for the first half of the chart, and then for the second half the YO moves from left to right. That probably makes it sound a lot more complicated than it is; the truth is, after the first pattern repeat, I pretty much found myself at the point where I didn't really need to look at the chart except to keep track of the number of rows. I can't wait to see how the foot of this sock takes shape. I'm thinking once I finish the socks, this patterning might make a really gorgeous shawl. I know I could just do a long rectangle, but I'm wondering if there might be a way to adapt this to a triangle. Any ideas?

The best thing about this sock--other than the fabulous pattern--is this yarn. If sock yarn is crack, then this is some premium stuff. It glides so easily off the needles yet hugs them to the point that I don't really feel like I have to hold it taut. I'm so glad I picked out this colorway, even if it wasn't "me," because it shows off this pattern to perfection. Here's another shot so you can see the subtle color changes:


  1. Now you're making me want to make the chart really isn't that bad? I think it's the non-rectangular thing that scares me...
    I love the colorway of Lorna's Laces!

  2. So SJ -- do you think I, as the creator of a sock that sucks, would be able to do the Pomatomus? It intimidates me. Scares me. Makes me want to wet myself scared. But it's so gorgeous...and I have this lovely Lorna's Laces that I don't want to "waste" on plain ole do you think?? Should I get a sock that doesn't suck under my belt first??

    Thanks for any advice!

  3. So pretty!

    So, it's not too bad, huh? I have some Koigu languishing away in the stash that would just love to be these socks.

    Oh yes, and I am still laughing over Yvonne's comment...

  4. It's gorgeous! Great job. The pattern is a little challenging at first, but you've handled it beautifully.

  5. Now I can not wait to cast on for my socks. Yours are beautiful.

  6. That Pomatomus is gorgeous! You've inspired me to get started on mine. The color you chose is working so well, not too contrasty to hide the beautiful pattern.

  7. they look lovely! the yarn is pretty but doesn't detract from the pattern. can't wait to see them finished.