Sunday, January 21, 2007

FO: Jaywalkers, Take 3

Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina (September 2005 MagKnits)
Yarn: Regia 4fadig Mini Ringel (75% wool, 25% polyamide), color 5220, two skeins
Needles: US 1 12" Addi Turbo circs
Started/Completed: January 13/January 21
Mods: I substituted an Eye of Partridge heel for the slip-stitch heel, just to change things up. The self-striping yarn probably doesn't show off the heel that well, but it looks cool up close.

To speak frankly, this pattern forms the best fitting socks for my feet that I've tried thus far in my sock knitting career. I encountered a slight hitch in the knitting of these socks in that the first attempt turned out too big (and unfortunately this error was only discovered after I was done with the gussets). So I completely ripped and started anew, and I didn't look back until I was done with both socks. I'm thrilled with how these socks turned out -- they fit absolutely perfectly! -- and I can't wait to add them to my regular sock wardrobe.
Anticipating the completion of these socks, I cast on for a new project last night, a log cabin blanket for my coworker and his wife, who are expecting a baby girl in early February. I'm using the yarn I recycled from that hideous Old Navy sweater way back in June. It's a great project to do when I'm watching a movie or doing something else that requires my attention, since it's all garter stitch. Unfortunately I've once again run into the problem of being tempted by a new and exciting project and being distracted from the WIPs that really need attention. I've made a decent start, but tonight and tomorrow I will turn my attention back to Marilyn. I've got half of the second sleeve done, so it probably only requires another couple days of work. At least I know this new WIP has to get done soon, too -- February is already next week!


  1. I love Eye of Patridge heels. I've got to make myself a pair of Jaywalkers. I keep saying that, maybe I should just quit my job and knit.

  2. Love the socks!

    I'm with Jenn. Let's all quit our jobs and knit!