Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Favorite

This was meant to be posted yesterday for Spinning Sunday, but I was foiled by a cloudy weekend and didn't have good light for taking pictures -- at least not pictures that could do this yarn justice.

I haven't participated in the All Spun Up spinalongs for a while because of my limited time to spin since Rainbow was born, but when I heard that the fiber for the April/May SAL was a BFL/silk blend, I knew I couldn't miss it. I also had a feeling that it was going to be in colors I'd like. The fiber did not disappoint. Some people had spots of green in their braids, but mine was pretty much all shades of blue with some white.

I really wanted to spin this into a laceweight yarn, because I knew that the luster of the BFL combined with the shine and strength of the silk would make for a gorgeous thin yarn, but I also knew that I might never finish if I tried to spin lace again (I haven't forgotten how it took me almost a month to spin the laceweight Shetland). Instead, I decided to spin it a little thicker, if only in the interest of getting it done so I could enjoy it. The finished yarn is about sport to DK weight, and my four or so ounces yielded approximately 245 yards. I had a little bit leftover on one bobbin that I chain plied, but I haven't yet finished it or measured it.

The beauty of this yarn is really nearly impossible to capture. It is amazingly shiny and soft, and the depth of blues is just not done justice by these pictures.

It's quite possible that this fiber blend is my new favorite. Next time I have an opportunity to get my hands on some, it will definitely become laceweight. As to this yarn, well, I think it'll make a really luxurious cowl or scarf -- eventually.

Next post: an actual finished knitted project!


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I really love the colors - I am partial to blue. :)

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That is some beautiful yarn you spun!