Sunday, March 06, 2011

Celtic Glow

After three solid plying sessions, I finished my January Crown Mountain Farms fiber shipment earlier this week. This particular shipment was South African wool in a stunning colorway called Celtic Glow.

Like fine merino, this wool seemed to like to be spun very fine, so I went for a three-ply fingering weight with this one. I ended up with approximately 377 yards.

I would have had more, but apparently I didn't do a great job of splitting my fiber because I had a significant amount leftover on two of my bobbins. I could have done some transferring and gotten more yardage out of what was left, but instead I decided to move the extra singles onto my leftovers bobbin, which is rapidly filling up. When it's full, I'll chain ply everything on it for a fun, scrappy yarn.


  1. The one bonus of being weeks behind on blog reading: I can go from start to finish on your projects VERY quickly! And I was right. I love this finished yarn!