Monday, December 19, 2011

Pattern Release: Scullers Socks

Several years ago, back when the Mister and I lived in our old house, I started playing around with some sock yarn and swatched a stitch pattern. I jotted down a few notes in a notebook, but both it and the swatch got packed away when we moved and I promptly forgot about them.

Then, a couple months ago, I happened to pull out the notebook to make some notes about another design idea and came across my sock notes. I made a few changes, knit up a sample, wrote up the full pattern, and came up with what you see here.

These socks have a fairly simple lace pattern that is easy to memorize. The name comes from the lace pattern, as a section of it looked like a crew team rowing down the water to me. They're knit from the top down with an Eye of Partridge heel and wedge toe, but the gusset is a bit unusual.

The decrease are worked on the bottom of the heel, rather than on the sides, which results in a bit of shaping that hugs the heel. I quite like the look and the feel of this heel, and it makes me happy because I was just trying something out when I did it this way.

The socks are now available to download on Ravelry. Enjoy!


  1. loverly! might need to try this out!

  2. Now you've got me putting some sock yarn on the ball winder… Have I mentioned that I am inundated with projects???

  3. oh! so nice! I'm off to buy it right now!

  4. I, of course, love the color of that yarn. My friend Cristi (Turtlegirl) has been yammering on and on about double gusset decreases done on the sole of a top-down sock. I'm thinking I'll have to try it the next time I go top-down.