Sunday, December 02, 2012


On Friday night, my miniSpinner and I finally made peace again. If you recall, I had the less-than-brilliant idea to clean the WooLee Winder on it during the Tour de Fleece, just before I was intending to start spinning the yarn that I hoped to use for my Ravellenic Games project, and the result was that I messed it up somehow. Although I did eventually get it back in working order, it never felt quite the same to me, so I'd been avoiding it for months.

On Friday, though, I had finished spinning up some fluffy woolen singles on my Lendrum that I knew I'd have to ply on the miniSpinner (the finished yarn would never fit on one Lendrum bobbin), so I decided it was high time I finished up that bobbin of yarn. I'm happy to say that I met that goal:

This was some turquoise merino top that I hand blended (rather roughly, I should add) with some silk sliver. Originally I thought I'd wind off what was on this bobbin and ply from both ends, but I like the look of this so much that I think I may just blend the rest of the fiber and do a proper two ply. The rough blending means that the yarn is tweedy and a little rough/rustic, which I'm actually really liking.

Before I can get to that, though, I'm plying up those woolen singles, spun from last month's Crown Mountain Farms fiber club shipment of 4 oz. of Clun Forest roving.

This colorway is called Catman (aka, Klaus's alter ego on Ravelry), and I thought this shipment would be a good excuse to practice my long draw. It's clear my technique still needs some practice (my singles are not very consistent), but it was such a nice change to be able to fill a bobbin in just a little more than an hour. I've plied up about half of it so far and hope to finish the rest tonight.

Now that the miniSpinner and I are friends again, I think it's high time I spin up some larger batches of fiber -- and there's certainly enough of it in my stash!


  1. Hmmm. Did I mention that I may have purchased a mini-Spinner at SOAR? I might have forgotten. I skipped the Woolee Winder (I had battled a little with my WW on the Schacht and wanted to just focus on the Hansen and not have to fuss with anything else) and bought the Tiger Wood version. Very, very happy!

  2. Oh, how I love the turquoise yarn.