Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big and Blended

I finished up a monster skein of yarn last night. Wanna see? First things first -- the fiber. I started with a total of 8 oz. of Falkland from Cosy in two different colorways that I'd acquired at different points in time in the past few years:

CosySpins Falkland

CosySpins Falkland

I spun up each skein onto its own bobbin and then plied them together -- very little thinking or effort involved. I ended up with this fluffy, bouncy skein of two-ply worsted weight, approximately 350 yards in all.

I love the finished yarn, and I love how easy it was to spin up. I'm planning something similar for the next fiber to go on the wheel, this gorgeous Polwarth from the Bee Mice Elf fiber club (this is my first shipment after I made it in off the waiting list last month).

Isn't it spectacular? I'm going to spin it as a two-ply fractal so that the colors will still pop but blend just a bit.


knottygnome said...

i'm a sucker for some rainbow-y fiber. can't wait to see it spun up!

Pinko Knitter said...

The yarn is gorgeous and will look lovely when knitting up. I love the muted colors.

Pinko Knitter said...

Or, when knitted up. LOL I really should proofread before posting.