Thursday, February 14, 2013


Though I'd hoped to have a lot more sleeve done by now, this sweater just isn't progressing as fast as I'd like. I think the fact that a certain toddler has been slow to go to sleep all week (thus severely inhibiting my knitting time each night) has had something to do with it. In any case, I'm more than halfway through the first sleeve and have just one more set of increases to do to reach the target stitch count.

In knitting this sleeve, I was reminded what a pain it is to alternate skeins of yarn when knitting in the round. When I was working on the body, I was working flat, so I was changing at the beginning of a row. Now I'm changing at a point that will end up being the middle of the sleeve part that's under my arm (does that make any sense?). While it's not hard to do and it's in an area where it really won't be seen much unless I choose to run around with my arms over my head, the stitches on either side of that spot a little wonky between yarn changes and increases. It should even out somewhat with blocking and wearing it, but it is annoying me nonetheless. I suppose it would annoy me more, though, to have sleeves that are clearly different colors, so I'll continue to alternate skeins and just live with it.

In other project news, I've put my cowl on hold for the time being while I knit up a square I'm contributing to a blanket. I can't give any more details on the rare chance that the recipient might read this, but I expect that it shouldn't take more than a few day's worth of lunchtime knitting sessions. Once I do get back to work on the cowl, I expect it won't be too long before it's done. I was just about ready to start the second set of welts when I put it down, so I have maybe 30 rounds of knitting left to do.


  1. Hmm cables! I can never get enough.

  2. Just lovely. I love cables. You should be able to adjust the wonky stitches, and they definitely should even out in the wearing and washing. Another option--too late for it now--might be to knit the sleeve flat and seam it, but I am one of those knitters who avoids seaming at all costs. LOL