Sunday, December 08, 2013

Spinning the Precious

After marinating in my stash for quite a few years, I finally pulled out some All Spun Up fiber last week -- a braid that was half of my very first order. I finished spinning the singles earlier in the week and started plying on Friday night. Although I spun the two halves in opposite directions, the colors seem to be serendipitously matching up.

I'd estimate I'm about a third of the way through plying and will work on it more this evening.

Meanwhile, I think I know what's going on the wheel next. The latest shipment of the Bee Mice Elf fiber club showed up on Thursday and it's a stunner.

This colorway is called Scenic Drive, and it's on superwash merino, one of my favorite fibers to spin. I don't have to decide just yet, but I'm leaning toward splitting this in half and doing a fractal two ply. I don't want to mess with these colors too much -- they're just as vibrant in real life!


  1. what a gorgeous braid! can't wait to see it spun up.

  2. That name is perfect! I can just see the scenery now.