Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Inching Closer

I spent more time over the weekend working on Rainbow's sweater and had grand plans of finishing up the body, but I was thwarted a bit by my own inattention. I sat down to work on it on Saturday afternoon during my usual time at my LYS only to discover that it was just about time to join the second skein of yarn -- the one that was in another bag at home. Oops. Luckily, I had my sweater in the bag that was with me, so I was able to put in a handful of rows on it and am now about four rows away from being able to bind off the body. I'd say the end of twisted ribbing was in sight, but once I'm done with the body I move on to the button bands, which are (you guessed it!) in twisted ribbing as well.

Saturday evening I was able to locate the second skein of yarn for Rainbow's sweater and got to work incorporating it. Even though this yarn isn't hand dyed, I wanted to alternate skeins for a few rounds just in case. Once that was done, I was just about at the point where I was to start the lace portion, so it worked out very well. I've only done a bit of the lace thus far, but I will work on it more tonight.

Meanwhile, my handspun brioche cowl is growing just a bit each day. I've been working on it during my lunch break at work and haven't been too concerned about getting it done by any particular time, but then I realized that I'd really like to free up the needles to take with me this weekend, when we're headed out of town for a wedding and I'll have about 10 hours of car knitting time. So I spent some more time with it last night and have now officially moved into new colors. I don't know that I'll actually finish it by Friday night, but I can at least put in a good effort.

And why, I'm sure you're wondering, do I want the needles freed up? Well, I'm expecting an order from Quince & Co. to arrive a little later this week, and I'm planning to turn that yarn into a new shawl design. It will be a companion piece to Leventry and have a similar construction, but I'm changing things up a bit. I've already written out my pattern draft and started charting the lace so I'll be all ready to go.

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  1. The brioche is showing off that handspun beautifully!