Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Although I was supposed to be working on Rainbow's sweater this past week, I've barely touched it. Why? I've been distracted. First, there was the dishcloth problem. I released a pattern over the weekend (it's relatively simple, but all proceeds are going to charity) and I found myself knitting up a couple more samples in the past week or so.

The main distraction, however, has been the hats. I've alluded to the first one I knit a handful of times. It was started way back in March but only just finished last month. I haven't shown you what it looks like blocked yet, so here you are:

This version was worked in sport weight yarn and makes a nice slouchy adult beret or tam. Rainbow, however, wanted one for herself, so I decided to give it a go with fingering yarn and smaller needles. Here's how that version came out:

It fits her, circumference-wise, but it's a bit too shallow, so that meant working up another sample -- one that was just finished last night.

I'm very happy with this second attempt, and the nice thing is that both versions use the exact same pattern -- same directions, same cast on numbers, etc. The only difference is the weight of yarn and the needles used. That will make things a lot easier when it comes to writing up the pattern, which is my project for the week. The challenge will be finding time to do a photo shoot -- I'll be enlisting Rainbow to help me model!

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