Thursday, August 20, 2015

Monotony -- er, Monogamy

My knitting life has been very weird the past week or so. Now, you know I'm not the type of knitter who has a ton of things on the needles at once, but I usually have two or three -- generally a big project at home and a small project to take to work, with an occasional third project thrown in. But this past week, I've only had one thing on the needles and have been working on it exclusively. I know that's not inherently a bad thing -- after all, it means I'm making a lot of progress! But I do wonder why I haven't felt the typical urge to cast on All The Things as I typically do when fall is approaching. Perhaps the urge is just a bit delayed because I've been busy and tired and hot.

As a result of this project monogamy, the shawl is more than halfway done, and I'm delighted with how it's been knitting up. The pattern isn't complicated, but the fact that I'm happily knitting it for the second time without getting bored says a lot.

It's been a while since I last knit with Malabrigo Sock, and I'd forgotten just how lovely it is to work with. I honestly don't think it's the best for socks, but it has a sheen and a drape that make it perfect for shawls. It almost feels like it has some silk in it.

I have not touched the socks since Sunday, but I suspect that they will become lunchtime knitting next week. I think once the shawl is off the needles, I'm going to do something with this pile of Yarn Hollow yarn.

The green and purple are going to become a double-knit cowl, and I think the pink and blue want to become another stranded hat. Hmm, maybe that urge to cast on isn't so far off after all!

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