Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Packing It In

This is turning out to be quite the week. We are leaving early (and I mean early!) on Friday morning for our annual trip to Florida, and I am feeling a bit like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything in order. The Mister has year-end meetings most of the week, so he's leaving early and coming home late, plus it's Rainbow's birthday on Thursday, plus I've still got my job to show up for, so you can understand why it's hard to get a grip on things. I'm trying to get most of my packing done prior to the last minute, but there are always the things you can't pack until the last minute anyway. I know that it will all be worth it when I step off the plane and it's warm, but for now it's stressing me out.

The knitting is helping with the stress, in a way. I finally finished Rainbow's Eiswasser hat today, so it will be ready for Chanukah. I'll block it this evening after she goes to bed and leave it on a radiator so it will be dry and I can hide it in my suitcase.

I'm not sure if there's enough yarn leftover for a pompom, but I'll try. The hat is a bit top-heavy already, so it can't support a big on and still stay on her head. It would feel good to use up every bit of this skein of yarn, though.

I have not touched her sweater in days, if I'm being completely honest, and frankly I'm not feeling too guilty about it. I will come on the trip with me, and it will end up being my main focus while we're away. I'm trying not to pack too much knitting this year, taking only the sweater, a pair of socks in progress, and a couple of balls of dishcloth cotton. I figure that it's unlikely that I'll finish all of that, and if I do, I'm sure I can find a Michaels somewhere to get some more dishcloth cotton or sock yarn. Or I'll just read (I started another Outlander book about a week ago and it's 1,400+ pages, so it will take a while to get through).

Tonight, my goal is to finish plying up the final skein of handspun for the year and perhaps do a little more organizing. The worst part of vacation is definitely the packing!

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  1. I know I should start packing for my trip even though it's over a week away, but I just can't face it right now. Good for you for planning so well.
    Also- Outlander. Those books are great. (I still have to read the most recent one). I'm sure they'd be excellent audiobooks. When you're done you might enjoy the Kushiel's Dart series.
    Have a safe and fun trip!