Sunday, December 04, 2016

Winding Down

It's the first Sunday in December, and it's just occurred to me that I'm working on my final handspun projects for the year. We leave for our vacation in Florida in less than two weeks, and I'm not planning on taking any spinning with me at this point. So I have less than two weeks to wrap up what's in progress.

I have just (literally, just -- the skein is soaking right now) finished my second skein of FatCatKnits Rambouillet in Gamma. Here's what it looked like earlier this afternoon, when there was still enough daylight to take a decent photo:

I loved this colorway, and I really like how it plied up. I know the skein will shrink up significantly after it's washed as the first skein did, but I already know that this skein will have a bit more yardage because I had more than 30 more wraps on my niddy noddy than I did with my skein of Clawd.

I have a feeling that there's not enough contrast between colorways to use them together in colorwork as I originally intended, but I'm sure I can find some great way to use the skeins together. I know I loved spinning this breed, so I'm sure I'll enjoy knitting with it.

Because I can't bear to see a wheel naked for any length of time, as soon as I finished spinning the last of the Gamma singles, I immediately started the next project. I figured I might as well spin up the All Spun Up merino I picked up at Indie Knit & Spin, and I'm spinning thick (for me) singles this time around so that it will be a fast spin.

This looks like it will be a sport to DK weight when it's plied, and I think it will be the perfect yarn for a brioche cowl like I made for Rainbow (though this one will be for me).

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