Sunday, February 19, 2017

Squee Indeed

It turns out that the combination of a week away from spinning and an amazing fiber blend are enough to make me well and truly addicted. I've spent quite a few hours at my wheel the past few days, and as a result, I already have two of three bobbins of singles done.

This is HipStrings' merino/Tussah silk/Stellina blend in a colorway called the Legend of Squee, and I feel that that name describes my feelings about spinning it very well. It drafts pretty effortlessly, with only the occasional small silk slub, that it's been hard to remind myself to take a break when I sit down at the wheel (and I certainly noticed that my forearms were sore yesterday morning after spending perhaps a bit too much time at the wheel over the course of Friday). The camera is having a really hard time picking up the sparkle, so trust me when I tell you that there's a lot of it. I've been finding strands of it in some strange places because it has a tendency to stick to everything. And I'm not usually someone who is into a lot of bling, but I really love it in this yarn. I have a feeling that the third bobbin of singles will be done soon and I'll have a finished skein of yarn in another week or so.

After a great deal of waiting, my final shipment from the Southern Cross Fibre club showed up this week (it was meant to be November's shipment). It's not my final final shipment, but David is putting the club on hiatus for a while, which I actually don't mind because it will give me some time to try to catch up on the backlog. (I also have one more package coming, an extra from September that apparently got lost somewhere on its way to me, so David has sent me a replacement.) This one is Corriedale in the colorway Space.

I really like this one, and I think it'll make some great socks. Now to find more hours in the day to spin all this fiber!

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AsKatKnits said...

I got my last shipment from David last week as well. I have been savoring his stash - saving it up for something special. I just can't bring myself to spin it!