Thursday, April 27, 2017

Two Big Sleeves and Some Very Tiny Hats

I am very excited to share with you that my Quill sweater now has two complete sleeves! I finished the second one last night and unfortunately did not have time to start the collar (it was my night to put Rainbow to bed, and she took longer to settle down than I had anticipated), but I did weave in all my ends from the second sleeve. I'm hoping to at least pick up stitches for the collar tonight, but I will have to see what time I get home -- I'm headed out to Knitsburgh this evening for a book reading with a local author (and knitter).

After finishing up the last charity hat (for which a pompom has been made and will be attached as soon as the hat is dry from its blocking), I needed something new for my lunchtime knitting, so I grabbed a skein of Regia Stretch Color that I picked up off the freebie table at Indie Knit and Spin in February and started some preemie hats using this pattern. The first one is already done, and I think I should be able to get at least two, maybe three, more hats out of this one 50 g skein.

I also grabbed the leftovers from my Cape Cod Socks, and I'm knitting a teeny tiny pussyhat. It's kind of mind blowing to think that a baby could be small enough to wear such a little hat, but I know it happens.

All of the preemie hats will be going with me to SSK in July, and given how fast they knit up, I anticipate having quite a pile of them once I work through a bunch of sock yarn leftovers.

The weekend ahead is going to be a busy one. I've got a haircut scheduled first thing Saturday morning, then we have the family of one of Rainbow's classmates coming over for dinner that night, and on Sunday afternoon we're headed to an arts festival at her school. It's supposed to be warm and rainy for most of the weekend, so I'm hoping I can squeeze in some decent knitting time in between all the activity. I really want to finish up my sweater!


  1. The Other Jennifer6:20 AM

    Lovely sweater! Looking forward to seeing it finished.

    About the baby hats. I was under the impression that preemie hats couldn't contain wool because of possible allergies. If that's not true, forget I said anything. I just know that you don't want to waste all your time knitting things that can't be used!

  2. That sweater is gorgeous! And, I love those tiny baby hats - precious! (And, I would have LOVED getting a woolen cap rather than one that was acrylic, so knit on!)