Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Need Some Color?

Well, it's officially spring now, even though it doesn't much feel like it just yet. Though all the plants and trees around our house seem to be sprouting, there are no leaves or flowers out just yet -- and I'm really craving color. We've had some warmer days, and obviously there's more daylight now, but what really says spring to me is the color of spring flowers and green buds on the trees (also seasonal allergies, but I've got that covered!). I guess I now know why I chose such a bright color for my most recent pair of socks.

Pattern: Cape Cod Socks by knottygnome crafts
Yarn: Youghiogheny Yarns Mon Sock in Pygmy Puff
Needles: US 0 (2.0 mm) Addi Sock Rockets
Started/Completed: February 18/March 16
Mods: substituted my usual wide toe

These were a fun knit. Once I'd gotten through about half a repeat of the stitch pattern, I had it memorized, so I was able to knit most of the socks without needing the pattern on hand. I think perhaps my yarn was a tad bit busy for the stitch pattern, as it's a bit lost, but the texture is certainly more interesting than plain stockinette. I think this pattern would make excellent man socks, and I have two skeins of gray Lorna's Laces that have been in my stash forever that will likely become another pair of these socks for one of the men in my life later this year.

My only significant modification to the pattern was to sub in my usual toe. The pattern calls for a spiral toe, which I find uncomfortable to wear because I can feel the decrease lines.

I really loved this yarn, though it is on the thin side of fingering, and I have about 130 yards left to do something with (I'm thinking some preemie hats). It was my first time using yarn from Youghiogheny Yarns, who are relatively local to me, and I'm looking forward to trying their worsted weight base when I knit with the skein Rainbow bought from them at Indie Knit and Spin.

In other knitting, the secret project should be finished up tonight, so I'll be getting back to my sweater knitting. I've also finally moved on from the ribbing of my Sockhead, so my speed has definitely picked up. I took it to work the past two days for my lunch break knitting, and that has helped it move along. I will say that I'm really glad I decided to use this skein for a charity hat and not for socks for me, because these are really not at all my colors!

I will likely be casting on a new pair of socks toward the end of the week to take on the trip, and I've wound up two skeins of handspun to take for a new design knit.

I think those plus the sweater should be enough for a week away, especially considering I'm planning on spending a significant portion of the week reading for pleasure. But knowing myself as I do, I wouldn't be surprised if a skein or two of kitchen cotton winds up in my suitcase as well.

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