Sunday, May 07, 2017

Fiber Neglect

Sadly, I have hardly touched my wheel in the past week. My knitting deadlines mean that I'm spending just about every spare moment with my needles, though I did dedicate my Friday night crafting time to spinning, as I do most Friday nights.

I am continuing to work on my Southern Cross Fibre Corriedale singles, which are overall very dark. I did, however, manage to capture this little bit of lighter blue on the dark background yesterday:

I am little more than halfway done with the singles at this point, so if circumstances were different, they'd be finished soon. At this rate, though, I expect that if I manage to finish them by the end of the month I'll be happy. I'm sure once the knitting deadlines have passed, I'll make up for the lost time on my spinning!

The sun came out again today after days of gloom and rain, so I took advantage of it to snap some new handspun pictures for the Etsy shop. Here's a preview of some of the skeins:

I'm going to be adding new listings to the shop tonight, so please do take a look to see these and some other skeins!

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  1. My plan is to do some spinning tonight. I got a project off the needles today, so I am in for a treat! Right?