Sunday, May 28, 2017

I Made Time for Space

My normal weekly routine is that I spend Friday nights spinning and watching some video podcasts, usually Wool 'n Spinning, Snappy Stitches, and whatever else I have to catch up on. I was really looking forward to it this week, but my body decided to fail me and I felt too ill to do anything but lie in bed under several layers and watch TV until late into the night (I suspect it was just the stress of the past week catching up with me). I did feel a bit cheated out of my regular spinning time, so I've spent extra hours at my wheel this weekend to make up for it, and I'm happy to report that my Southern Cross Corriedale in Space is done!

At present, it's hanging in the upstairs shower, drying from its spa treatment, but here it is freshly skeined up. I love the subtlety in the colors -- I think it'll make some really excellent socks. And I'm pretty sure I'll get some good yardage out of this skein; even if it shrinks 6 inches after washing, I should still have a bit more than 400 yards. I think it'll be an excellent way to start off my Stash Dash spinning! I'll report back once the skein is fully dry.

I have continued to spin the Fibernymph Dye Works BFL that you saw a glimpse of last week (though I neglected to get a photo of it while it was still light out), and I'm hoping I can find some time to work on it tomorrow and finish up the first bobbin. After all the knitting I've been doing this month -- some of which still needs to be finished up, I might add -- it has felt so wonderful to spend time at the wheel again, and I'm eager to continue it.

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AsKatKnits said...

That spun up beautifully! I love the name of the colorway!