Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Mission Accomplished?

Today is the day: Rainbow arrives home from camp at about noon! I can't wait to see her and hear all about her week at camp. Plus, I have some almost-finished socks for her!

I know I said that my mission was to get these finished by the time she got home, and I very well could have, but I realized last night that I didn't have a measurement of how long her legs are and thus didn't really know where to stop knitting, so I pretty much need her to try them on so I know where to bind off. I was hoping that I would have run out of yarn by now, solving the problem for me, but I think this must be some kind of magic ever-lasting skein of yarn because those legs are 11 inches long already and I still have a bit more than 20 grams of yarn (or roughly 80 yards) left. So we'll have to see where they're hitting at this point and determine whether or not I'm done.

I have no other projects on the needles right now, but I do have two skeins of yarn all wound up for a new design project, and then this pretty stuff arrived on my doorstep yesterday:

This is Stranded Dyeworks Oasis, Amy's superwash merino/nylon fingering weight base, in the colorway Four Two Two Four. It was her SSK colorway for this year, and as I never made it in off the wait list, I figured I could do the next best thing and order the yarn from her. I ordered this intending to use it for a single-color Archer (apparently 2018 is my year of pullovers), and it's really hard not to cast on immediately, but I have other stuff that has to get done first -- and of course there's swatching to be done before I can actually start. Still, it was a nice treat to get home yesterday after a long day at work and find some yarny goodness waiting for me!

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  1. I hope Rainbow had an amazing time and camp! And, I think that yarn will make a gorgeous Archer!!