Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today's Featured Dessert: Yarn Cake

The Lorna's Laces I ordered finally came on Friday, and here's how I spent my Saturday afternoon while watching the Preakness:

Here you see (left to right) the colorways Cool for J's mom's socks, Jay Pond for my mom's socks, and Uptown pour moi. These looked gorgeous in the hanks, and even prettier in these lovely cakes. I can't wait to get started. I still want to finish the "prototype" of the Pomatomus reversal before I start my mom's socks, and I still have to talk to J's mom to find out what pattern she wants, but at least I'll be ready to go once those two issues are settled.

I also stopped by Pittsburgh Knit & Bead on the way home from work yesterday; if you haven't heard, they're going out of business, and everything in the store is on sale. This week everything was 30% off, and I figured that if I waited too much longer too much would be gone. Their yarn selection is nothing wonderful (I never thought it was, to be honest), but I was going in with an eye for Addis. Here is my haul from yesterday:

Two pairs of Addi Turbo 16" circs (US 0), two pairs of Inox 16" circs (US 1), one set of bamboo dpns (US 1), and four balls of Fortissima Socka (75% superwash wool, 25% polyamide) in black and charcoal gray. The yarn is, as you may have guessed, for socks for J, who prefers "plain" colors in his socks. Perhaps these he will actually wear outside of the house.

J and I had a very nice weekend. We went out to see The Da Vinci Code Friday night. The theater was packed, let me tell you. I loved the movie, but J was apparently bored and slept through about an hour and a half of it. I had just finished rereading the book earlier in the week, and although there were some minor changes to the plotline and some omissions of unnecessary story elements, I thought they did a great job bringing it to the screen. If you liked the book, I highly recommend seeing it. That is, of course, unless you're like J and will be bored by already knowing what's going to happen.

This morning we had breakfast at Panera and then spent some time at Barnes & Noble, where I picked up the Yarn Harlot's newest book, as well as this book (which you just have to look at, if only for the cover picture). I'm excited to start reading both -- perhaps on our road trip to Philadelphia next weekend. Have I mentioned the trip and why we're going? I have an audition with Jeopardy! I took the online contestant test a month or two ago, expecting nothing, and then was shocked when I got an e-mail inviting me to come audition in person. I don't necessarily expect anything to come of it, but it can't hurt. Plus I'll get show J around campus and my old neighborhood in Center City.


  1. Good Luck at your audition!

  2. SO COOL! I am happy you're going to the audition!! Maybe you'll have better luck with this than we did with the DaVinci Code game. We saw the DaVinci Code today...and agree that the movie was VERY good, and did stay very true to the book. I loved Paul Bettany as Silas...he is SUCH a good actor!!

  3. I can never buy Marley and Me, I looked at it when I was in B&N a few months ago, and I peeked at the end and ended up weeping in the middle of the bookstore!

    WOOOO, Jeopardy! Kick some butt!

    I missed the Preakness by 5 minutes and got in the door just in time to see Barbaro being taken away in an equine ambulance. And then they showed a replay of the whole race anyway. Poor Barbaro!

  4. LOVE the yarn! Great colors. And I'm totally jealous about Jeopardy. I have always loved jeopardy. I do well sitting at home on my couch but I'd totally bomb in person. Good luck!! Thinking of Penn makes me think of the beach... and basketball. We used to go to triple headers at the Palestra (spelling?) Anyhow, we pass it on the way to the beach too... HATE THE SCHUYLKILL EXPRESS!!

  5. Anonymous1:52 PM

    good heavens woman! Jeopardy?!? that's awesome. good luck and i'll be curious to hear about it next week.