Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blogger sucks, or, Why this isn't a post about the trip to Philadelphia

I had some major issues with Blogger last night, which is why today you may be wondering where my post about the weekend in Philly is. I had everything all ready: the text was all written, the links were put in, the places for the photos were set out. And then I tried to upload a picture. Repeatly. I got the "Done" button, but when I clicked on it, nothing happened. It was as though I had never uploaded the picture. I tried repeatedly to get my photos up over the course of about four hours, but it was always the same, icky-poo. No photos. So, no post. I will try again tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that it'll work, because I'm starting to take out my frustration on my knitting (and as I'm knitting lace and socks with bamboo dpns, that could get ugly).


  1. ACK! I've been dying for the update!!! Bad Blogger, bad! I hate it when you do the picture thing and it doesn't show the picture. Sometimes if you do them one at a time, it helps. And sometimes not.

  2. Yeah, I've had that happen occasionally too. That's when I temporarily use Image Cave.