Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Pattern: Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater by Carole Barenys
Yarn: Lion Brand Baby Soft (sport weight)
Needles: Addi Turbo US 7 circs
Mods: I omitted the decorative stitches around the bottom of the sweater and the wrist of the sleeves. I also did paired decreases down the arm to create a more tapered sleeve.

This is almost done. It just needs to be blocked and (here's where you come in) it needs buttons. Here are the options (turns out I had more than I remembered):

Apologies for the fact that this photo is upside down; for some reason I can't get it to flip. So here are the choices, top to bottom: dark gray, dark blue, pearly white, pearly white with hole in back. Which one gets your vote?


  1. I like the dark blue button best. And, to answer your question about the handles for the little Erin Bags, I get the bamboo ones for the cotton bags at JoAnn Fabrics. For the wool ones, I usually suck it up and buy the good wooden ones at It kills me to spend that much on them, but you can't beat the quality.

  2. I like the dark blue the best. Dark gray is nice, too, but the white ones are too white, I think.

  3. I like the dark gray.

  4. I like dark blue!

  5. that is such an adorable sweater!there's something really sweet and old-fashioned about it. i'm going to break from the pack and say one of the pearl buttons.

  6. Anonymous2:05 PM

    i'm very Garanimals, so i'm for the dark blue.

  7. Okay, I am late, but I would go with the plain pearly white. So classic.