Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cooler Heads

While knitting away at multiple projects in the past week, I've also been doing a lot of thinking and have a made a couple big decisions. The first is that I've withdrawn from Sock Wars. I was looking forward to participating (and likely being killed off in the first round), but after looking at the calendar I realized the Wars would be starting at a most inconvenient time, not to mention that it all starts on J's birthday, and I didn't think he'd appreciate my spending the whole day knitting.

The second big decision was to resign from my part-time job; this weekend will be my last two shifts at the store. Not working weekends will allow me much more time to knit, er, I mean, plan my wedding.

Here's the latest progress shot of the front of Sizzle (I've got about two inches left to knit before it's time to graft the front and back together at the shoulders). I'm hoping to be able to finish this up this week in time to wear it to one of my two last shifts at work this weekend.

I've also started the toe on the second of my Steelers socks, so I should have a finished pair to show you in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, as I've been making good progress on these projects and casting on for a couple of others (you'll have to wait to hear about those), I've been feeling the pull of yarn. I've placed two Knit Picks orders in, oh, three days. The first order started innocently enough -- I ordered some needles and some spare skeins of sock yarn, as well as some stuff to send to my Sockret Pal. Then, the next morning, in addition to the order confirmation, there was also an e-mail from Knit Picks about a sale on summer yarns in my inbox. So I ordered some more Shine Sport and enough Shine Worsted to make another Sizzle. When is pay day again? (and thank goodness for free shipping!)

Coming up in the next couple of days: something supercute.


  1. I was going to snap up some cheap Shine, but then we had to take the dog to the vet and buy Frontline for the dog and ear ointment for the dog and dammit, there went my yarn money times 3. But Mr. Fluffy must have non-infected ears and flea and tick free, so what can you do?

    YAY for you for resigning from your part-time job! Now you can sleep in! And there's that wedding thing. ;)

  2. I gave up sock wars too. I just decided I did not need the stress.