Monday, September 01, 2008

How I Spent My Labor Day Weekend

An Essay in Pictures (and a Few Words)
by SJ

I finished spinning up the second bobbin of my CMF superwash merino and started in on the third bobbin (not shown).

I swatched for Mystery Stole 4, which begins this Friday.

I got started on New Pathways with my learning socks (Little Sky and Little Coriolis) in some leftover Cascade 220.

I took my last two pairs of socks in to be weighed at Natural Stitches and rewarded myself for a job well done in the contest (I won't win, but I'll make a respectable showing) with some more sock yarn specifically for New Pathways socks. First up will be this Araucania Ranco Multy, which I wound a little bit ago.

How did you spend your holiday weekend?


  1. Drove to the Lake Friday night. Had a (semi-painful) with my parents, bro and sil and sil's parents. Had a rotten Saturday family annoyance-wise. Had a great Sunday with the place virtually to myself and a great dinner with good friends and had to walk away from a perfect Lake this morning to come home and pack for Mississippi. Fingers crossed that the Lake will be just as beautiful/perfect when I can get back up there in two weeks or so!

  2. Now that's a productive weekend!

  3. Anonymous9:11 PM

    The New Pathways socks look comfy and serviceable.

    That swatch looks like the fountain lace pattern (that I've been swatching but making nothing out of.)

    My weekend has consisted of knitting Mary Tudor, relearning I cannot count and surfing the net. Mostly surfing the net. In fact, I think I'd like a do-over.

  4. Anonymous3:54 AM

    That looks like the perfect way to spend the weekend. Unfortunately, mine has been spent doing home improvement projects. Too many .. too little time.

  5. Anonymous10:43 AM

    What a productive holiday weekend! Mine was spent lounging around in the pool :-)