Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Chugging Along

Knitting continues here chez Knit/Wit. I'm still working on the socks for my brother-in-law; miraculously, I'm already into the gusset of the second sock, having finished the first last Friday night. They're not much to look at, so I'll spare you the in-progress shots for now. (I'll bet you can imagine what a ribbed navy man sock looks like anyway. Right? Okay, moving on.)

I had to take a break from my stranded knitting last week when I had cold brain, so I decided to do a little charity knitting and whipped up a chemo cap with some, well, interesting novelty yarn that Jen forced on me donated to me last year.

This would be the No Hair Day chemo cap or, as I like to think of it, the I-Skinned-a-Muppet-and-Made-a-Hat chemo cap. I know this picture is blurry, but trust me when I tell you that it looks very much the same in real life.

I was ready to get back to some patterned knitting after dealing with all that fuzziness, and I've made some progress on my Ivy League Vest since last you saw it. I'm now through the waist decreases.

Meanwhile, I also have some blocking going on. Full reveal to come later this week!


  1. I'm sort of jealous that you can block without worrying about someone sitting on it.

  2. Wow that vest is going to be amazing:)

  3. Wow SJ! The ivy league vest is looking great!!!

  4. Anonymous7:11 AM

    The vest is looking great!

  5. That is some chemo hat! I can just see one of the 'Red Hat' ladies at my mom's church wearing it..........

  6. I'm sure the muppet cap will keep someone warm and humor filled :) Your vest is looking gorgeous (and so's the blocking shawl).

  7. AHHHHHHHH! Fun fur!!! My eyes! My eyes!