Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Fish

Just a quick post to show you the latest results of my Tour de Fleece spinning. Remember this braid of Polwarth from All Spun Up?

It's now approximately 248 yards of this super squishy two ply. It's not my most consistent yarn, so it ranges from fingering or sport to light worsted, but overall I'd say it's about a DK weight. This excites me to not end, because if you've had any interest in my spinning in the past two years or so, you know that I like to spin thin yarns -- and that I tend to spin thin yarns even when I'm trying to spin something thicker. Clearly something worked this time.

The colorway is called A Somewhat Seuss-ish Trout, and it does rather remind me of some of Dr. Seuss' illustrations. I think this'll make a great hat or pair of mittens come winter, maybe for me, maybe for Rainbow.

Meanwhile, although I'm continuing to spin on my wheel each night for a bit after Rainbow goes to bed, I'm also spending about 10 to 15 minutes a day practicing spinning on my spindle. It's clearly paying off, because my singles are getting more consistent -- and thinner, which seems to be a pattern with me.


  1. Great job! If only we could combine our natural spinning bents. I just completed a 3 ply worsted weight... that I wanted to be fingering. Oops. lol! It's hard to imagine spinning that much thinner but I'll keep trying!

  2. i can never spin thick yarn, however i just learned if i spin cotton, it is the only fiber I can make it turn into worsted

  3. It's all looking good. Go, you!

  4. You are amazing. One day I really am going to learn to spin :)