Monday, February 06, 2023

Busy Weekending

I'm happy to report that my Friday went exactly as I was hoping. Work was quiet, and I spent a good portion of the day knitting and reading. I was hoping for more of the same over the weekend, but then the Mister came down with a Man Cold, which meant he took to his bed and I was left to do everything. At least it was a weekend and I didn't have to work on top of all that!

I wrapped up last week by skeining and washing my latest handspun project. My mixed-wool four-ply ended up worsted weight and a whopping (ha) 148 yards:

It reads as mainly red and brown from far away, but one thing I love about handspun and especially handspun from David's fiber is that up close you can see even more color:

I couldn't let my wheel be naked for too long, and I've just started a new combo spin combining two of David's colorways -- the ones circled in the big fiber picture:

Both were predominantly purple and either orange or gold, so I separated the two colors and am spinning two skeins of three-ply yarn, one using the warm colors and one using the purples. I started with the oranges and golds:

I am hoping to get yarn that is more or less sport weight when plied in order to knit a pair of colorwork mittens.

Lest you think all I've been doing is spinning lately, here's an update on how my hat is going:

I am really enjoying these colors and think it's very likely this will get finished up by the end of the week -- in part because I'm getting the urge to start a sweater, but I'm not allowing myself to cast on until I finish this up.

Here's hoping Monday is kind to all of us!


  1. I hope you don't get the Man Cold (but I believe women are immune)! Your spinning is lovely and I really like how the colors are striping on that hat.

  2. Oh no, the dreaded Man Cold! I love that hat.

  3. I hope you don't get the Man Cold because the Woman Cold comes with the requirement of still having to Do.All.The.Usual.Things. I think that combo spin will be so lovely! And I too love that hat!

  4. Echoing everyone else on the Man Cold! Love your spinning and I love how up close you see more colors. Fun! That hat is so pretty too.

  5. Ugh ......Man Colds are the worst. Hope it stays WITH the man and doesn't spread. Your new spin is GORGEOUS!

  6. Your spinning is beautiful. It's a miserable time of the year for a Man-Cold or any other kind of cold. I hope it doesn't spread through the household.

  7. I love the colors in the hat!

  8. Oh, I love the colors in that mixed wool skein!

  9. that new combo spin might be my favorite thing you've spun in a while (do I say that often? I imagine I do!) those golds ... and I can't wait to see how they shine with the purples!