Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just Right

I know I've come a long way in my spinning when I'm able to spin almost exactly the yarn that I want. In this case, I started with this pretty superwash merino top from my favorite fiber pusher.

I knew I wanted a three-ply fingering weight from this, and I chose to go with a traditional three ply (even though I've been on a bit of a Navajo plying kick lately) in order to get a mixing of the colors. With all the white in this fiber, I wanted to make sure that the colors were blended throughout the skein. Here's the result:
Though I didn't measure my wraps per inch, this is squarely in the fingering range, probably even on the light fingering side. The colors blended beautifully, mixing througout while trending toward more purple in some places and more brown in others.

The only slight disappointment was the yardage, which ended up being approximately 360 yards. I was hoping for closer to 400, but this is still plenty for a pair of socks or whatever I might decide to do with this yarn. For now, I'm content simply to admire it in the skein.

Should I decide I need to knit with some new yarn, I have a couple of options that recently entered the stash. I made a stop at Knit One yesterday to use a birthday gift card that'd been burning a hole in my pocket. First, two skeins of Jojoland Melody -- enough for a pair of socks, though I think this might look quite lovely as something lacy.

Then, the big purchase: 10 skeins of Noro Kureyon (color 213) to make a Lady Eleanor Stole.

I'm so tempted to cast on with these yarns, but I'm really under the gun to finish Mr. Foster in time for Aidan's birthday (I've now got less than two weeks). Two arms of the pajamas are finished, but as the whole piece is in moss stitch, it's very slow going. Anyone got any good motivation tips?


  1. oh my goodness that's some gorgeous handspun! it looks so great! i recently acquired some all spun up and I have to agree--she's my favorite dealer :-)

  2. I was sloooooogging through the sleeves of my Tatami Kimono and wouldn't let myself cast on anything else until it was done. I knew if I had something else to play with, I would never get it done!

    Food, food also works, too.

  3. Gorgeous handspun, as always! I look forward to seeing it in person, and think I might need a few spinning lessons from you!

  4. Beautiful yarn (yours and your purchases)!

  5. Sorry no speed tips as I am a slooow poooke! Love that handspun, you are a pro for sure:)