Monday, December 14, 2009

On a Kick

After finishing my Corazon mittens, I was in the mood to knit some more colorwork mittens, so I cast on for another pair, knowing full well that they probably wouldn't get completed for quite some time. I had seen the Vespergyle Mittens on Ravelry a couple of days earlier, and I knew I had a lot of colorwork-appropriate fingering weight yarn in my stash, so it was an easy choice to make.

This is Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift that I acquired from Kenny. It's my first time working with shetland, and I can see why it's so often used for colorwork -- this stuff is sticky! I somehow dropped a stitch at some point and it literally went nowhere. I'm significantly past where this picture shows at this point (the thumb gore is almost done). I'll have to take another picture when I can get some good light to do it justice, because the pattern is really pretty.

Meanwhile, I've also been keeping myself somewhat busy with my Lady Eleanor Stole, which now has about five skeins of Noro Kureyon worked into it. Unfortunately, it's turning out a tad shorter than I expected considering I've used half of my yarn at this point. Here it is thus far, with a book for scale.

As luck would have it, the colorway I picked is now discontinued. Luckily, a bit of Googling turned up an online yarn store that still had some in stock, so three more skeins are on their way to me. I'm hoping that the extra yardage and a good blocking will result in a stole I can really wrap around myself.

Baby Watch 2009 continues. Tomorrow is my official due date, but I think it may be a while yet before Rainbow makes her grand debut.


  1. Hee, I can see those little bits of that odd yellow color at the bottom.

    Yeah, I don't have anything thoughtful to say, but my verification word is "undys" so I felt like I had to because it is so close to "undies."

  2. I really like your mittens. They seem fairly close in color to my Lychee mittens!

    Someday I will knit a Lady E. Someday ....

    My verification "word" is chhss, which makes me think of chess. Yeah, that's not relevant to anything. Oh well.

  3. ooohh...those are very pretty mittens! i have a pair of endpaper mitts that i've been working on forever... maybe it's time to get them out again.

    i'm going to play! my verification word is "agors", which doesn't remind me of anything but sounds like it could be some awful disease: "she was hit with a powerful case of the agors from which she would never recover..."

  4. I think a good project on the needles is a must right now. Otherwise... you're just jinxing yourself. I did this... and was quite overdue both times. Cast on a big project... it just might put you into labor. ;)

  5. Little did you know when you wrote this post that she would be in your arms tomorrow!

  6. Love the color combo of your mittens!

    And by pat's comment above, does this mean Rainbow has arrived? Update woman, update! :)