Thursday, February 03, 2011

Like the Old Days

Most of the action here this week has been of the spinning variety, but I've been doing a bit of knitting here and there, too. I managed to put a few more rectangles on my Lady Eleanor at knit night last night, and during my lunch break yesterday, I finished a sock:

I started this one on Christmas Eve as we were driving down to D.C. and, needless to say, it hadn't seen much action since then. But these socks have now gone into rotation as my lunchtime knitting, so I anticipate a finished pair in another week or so.

I had to laugh at myself while I was getting close to the toe on this sock. It's just my standard sock recipe, but it had been so long since I knit a sock for myself that I couldn't remember when to start the toe!


  1. I love that socks are such perfect travel/mindless projects. I have two pairs going right now for that exact reason!