Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweater Project, Week 6

It's been a busy week of plying here and little else, which is why I haven't blogged since last Sunday. I do have a nice pile of finished yarn to show you, though it's not completely up to date. This is the first seven skeins:

As I type, the eighth skein has been added to the pile; skein #9 is drying in the bathroom upstairs after its bath; and skein #10 is on the wheel, ready to be wound onto my niddy noddy. All that's left is to deal with the leftovers, which I'm planning on combining to make the 11th skein, and I'm officially done with all the spinning for this sweater!* I should have at least 1,100 yards, though I'm hoping for about 1,200. Just about time to pick out a pattern -- please share any suggestions if you've got 'em! I'm thinking cardigan, nothing too fussy or fancy (or in any stitch pattern that would get lost in this dark color).

*I still have an ounce of fiber left that I may spin up later in a two ply for seaming, if I go the seamed route for the sweater, but that shouldn't take me more than a day or so to do.


  1. I am so excited for you! It's so close to being ready for your project. I just went through my favorites on ravelry, but I couldn't find one that I thought was special enough. I hope you'll share how you decide which pattern to choose - so fun!

  2. Holy crap, it looks perfect!

  3. 1. What weight is it? (and please tell me in knitters terms, not spinner's terms!), 2. How in the world is it Week 6 already? This year is just plain flying by.

    Word Verification: Lumking. That seems like it should be a real word...

  4. Hannah Fettig has a nice cardigan called Gooseberry that would be lovely in that pretty dark color

  5. What a marathon but you've seen it through so well done!