Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Cables

In spite of the fact that is most definitely summery outside (I've been wearing capris and sandals to work for two days!), I am still chugging right along on my handspun sweater. I know there's probably a snowball's chance in hell that I'll actually be able to wear it when it's done (at least, not for anything longer than the photo shoot needed to prove it's actually done), but I'm not the sort of person who usually leaves projects unfinished*.  So I will finish this sweater this spring. I will admire it and then pack it away until the weather is appropriate for it.

Last night at Hurricane Knitting, I got through another repeat of the cable chart on the front, which was what I had calculated I needed to do for it to be the proper length to start the underarm shaping. I measured before we left and I was about half an inch short of where I needed to be, but holding it up against the back this morning, it looks like I might just be there:

I Heart Aran, front in progress

I will do another comparison to be sure tonight, but things are looking promising. The front should go much faster from here on out, as the neck shaping starts at the same time as the underarm shaping (or very shortly after it) and I'll be working on the front sections separately. Then it's just the arms, which I'm planning to do at the same time, and the shawl collar. And, of course, there's the making up, but that shouldn't take me more than a solid evening of work. I'm fairly confident that this sweater will be done before it's time to head to Maryland Sheep and Wool -- which means I will give myself permission to buy another fleece!

* That is, except for my Noro Lady Eleanor stole; it's languished for a good 2+ years. But I have a good excuse for that -- I did start it just before Rainbow was born, so I was a bit distracted for several months. I swear I'll get around to finishing it one of these days!


  1. Great progress on your sweater. I love that pattern so much! Tanis is a really talented designer. I adore seeing your fleece to fo posts. Maybe this year will be the one when I finally spin for a sweater!

  2. Oh, I love this sweater - I bought the pattern but haven't figured out what yarn to use yet. Your's is just perfect. Love the shawl you are working on too - so many beautiful colors!

  3. Those cables are delicious!