Monday, March 05, 2012

Pattern Release: Gothic Leaves Baby Blanket

I've been a busy knitter/designer lately! I had a bunch of things in the works in the fall and early winter, and as luck would have it, they all seem to be ready at the same time. So here's my second pattern release in as many weeks, the Gothic Leaves Baby Blanket.

I originally designed this as a gift for a friend who was expecting her first baby earlier this year. While flipping through one of my Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries, I came across this stitch pattern and thought it would look lovely in a blanket. When Rainbow was born, I knit her a lace blanket that was used constantly during those first few months -- when you have a newborn in the winter, it's a bit impractical to get a winter coat, but you need something to keep them warm on those trips to see the pediatrician and the grandparents!

The lace stitch is framed by garter, which I always like in children's knits. The blanket's also very easy to upsize if desired; as written, it comes out to a pram-sized blanket (approximately 23.5 in./60 cm wide by 30 in./76 cm long), which I found to be just the right size for covering Rainbow up when she was in the carrier as a newborn -- and now is the perfect size when she wants to put her dolls and stuff animals to bed.

The lace pattern is both written out and charted, and what I really like about it is that, unlike a lot of lace, it doesn't need an aggressive blocking to open up. In fact, I worked the sample in machine-washable Cascade 220 Superwash, and although I handwashed my sample and laid it flat to dry (just smoothing out the lace a bit to open it up), you could easily throw this in the washer and dryer. Because this was designed for new mom, I wanted the care to be as easy as possible.

The blanket was a big hit with my friend; I hope you like it as well!

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