Sunday, April 01, 2012

More Poof, Fewer Yards

The latest yarn off my wheel is the February 2012 shipment from the Crown Mountain Farms fiber club, 4 oz. of Debouillet roving in a colorway called Trinity. Here was the fiber:

I decided to do a traditional three ply fingering weight (usually my "default" yarn) with this, so I split the roving into three roughly equal sections and spun up each of them. It was not, I am sorry to say, an entirely enjoyable spin. I encountered a fair number of neps and bits of VM, so I was stopping frequently to pull them out. This isn't what you want to deal with when you want to get into the rhythm of spinning and just relax.

In spite of the frustrations, I got the yarn I wanted, for the most part. There are a few thick spots where I encountered a neppy or felty bit of fiber, but overall it is fingering weight.

The color in these photos is really not at all accurate -- in real life, it's much more of a pinky orange, almost like what you might see in rainbow sherbet.

The yarn did fluff up considerably in the finishing process, which I was happy about -- it's now a lot more light and airy. But that fluffing up did come at the cost of some yardage, so I have only about 318 yards in this skein. That's probably not enough to make myself a pair of socks, but that's probably for the best -- I don't think this fiber would make great socks anyway.

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  1. It's pretty though. Nice tight twist with a squishy looking skein.