Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fun with Fluff

After hosting the grandparents for brunch this morning, the Mister and Rainbow let me have the afternoon off to have fun with fiber-y stuff. In between rewashing batches of fleece from Monday (I probably had too much in the bags the first time, because there was still a fair amount of lanolin in most of the fiber after it was dry), I worked on finishing up Rainbow's Gramps sweater and finishing the rest of the bison fiber I started spinning on my Turkish spindle last weekend. I now have two pretty cops of fluffy singles:

Burt and Ernie for scale
I had a whopping total of 16 g of fiber to start with and split it roughly in half. It was an interesting experience spinning this because I could not use my typical spinning style, nor could I produce my usual smooth, even singles. The staple length was pretty short, so the prep was suited to woolen spinning. As a result, the singles are fluffy and thicker in certain spots, but I actually kind of like it. The plied yarn should be very airy, soft, and warm. Considering how quickly I was able to spin the singles, I'm assuming I can ply this up in one evening later this week (I'm letting the singles rest for a day or so first).

On the agenda next: finish spinning up the colonial top that's been on my miniSpinner for weeks. I have about a yard's length of top left and a new disk of Lark Rise to Candleford to watch, so I will be milking Mother's Day for all it's worth to get maximum spinning time in tonight.

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