Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of the Road

I have had to look at the calendar several times today to be sure of the fact that today is, in fact, the last day of May. It hardly seems possible, but it's the truth. The month has really flown by, probably because I've been so busy.

With the end of the month comes the end of the Mad May knitalong on Ravelry, and I am actually attempting to get in one more finished project before midnight tonight. After finishing the baby Gramps sweater, I still had a fair amount of yarn leftover, so thought I would whip up a little hat to go with it:

I used one repeat of the body cable pattern for the front and the ribbing from the back of the sweater for the back. I think I need one more repeat plus a few more rounds for this to be done; I'm planning on grafting the top and adding pompoms or tassels to the corners.

Once this hat is done and in the mail, I'll find myself in a somewhat unusual situation -- I don't really have a project I'm working on that I'm excited about. I have a shawl design that's about halfway done, but it's mainly plain knitting, which is great when you want something mindless but not particularly fun, and a pair of socks that I cast on during the trip to MDSW and have been working on (slowly) during my lunch break at work. The sock pattern has a 12-round repeat, so I haven't yet memorized it and as a result it takes me much longer to do a round than, say, a plain stockinette sock would. I'm finding that I'm getting a bit of an itch to start another big project, like a sweater, but the weather's not really right for a lap full of wool. I generally do more spinning in the summer, but the Tour de Fleece is almost exactly a month away. I could knit a shawl, but then I'd have to wind yarn. Too many decisions!

Knitter's ennui? I haz it.

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  1. Have you considered starting a blanket? There are some nice patterns with each block being knit in a different pattern, so not too boring, plenty to tackle, and it could be done in time for Fall!