Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Still Cruising

You would think that as the temperature (and humidity!) rises outside I'd be less inclined to work on a wool sweater, but in the last week I've found that I've been pretty addicted to working on my test knit. Stockinette in the round is just so easy and mindless, so without even noticing, I find I've knit several inches in one sitting. Last night I finished the last set of back decreases and got within about an inch of the colorwork section on the body. I should get into that tonight.

The contrast color I picked is a dark gray/brown that I believe is leftover from the Mister's first Seamless Hybrid. (Four-and-a-half-year-old yarn -- how's that for stash busting?!) I weighed what I had left and came up with 46 g of the original 100, so about 100 yards. I think that should be plenty; if it's not, well, I'm going to have to rip and do some more stash diving. Worst case scenario, I'll pick up another skein of 220 at my LYS this Friday, when I'll be taking a day off from work and parking myself on the store's couch. I anticipate that a lot of the sweater will get finished that day.

I'm also finally on the border of my shawl, which is pretty mindless but not very fast because of the length of the rows. I've been getting in some time on it every day during my lunch break, so I may actually have a finished shawl by the end of the weekend. Then I just need to type up the pattern and take some pictures to get it ready for tech editing and test knitting!

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