Sunday, June 03, 2012

Back on the Treadles

Last Sunday, my friend Colleen came over to do some spinning. We set up in the family room, where there's not an outlet conveniently located for my miniSpinner, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to reacquaint myself with my beloved Lendrum (which has been sorely neglected in the past six months or so). I decided to pull out the March 2012 shipment from the Crown Mountain Farms fiber club, CVM/Romeldale in a colorway called Tiamat, and spend the afternoon starting to spi it into a traditional three ply.

CMF CVM/Romeldale Top

It was such fun to spin on the Lendrum again that I managed to finish spinning all three bobbins in a week's time:

As soon as I can get the mystery wool off the miniSpinner, I'm going to use it to ply this up -- I have a feeling the finished yarn is going to be poofy enough that it won't fit nicely on a Lendrum bobbin!


  1. Those are beautiful colours. And I do LOVE the size of the E-Spinner bobbins. Neverending...

  2. @Stripeyspots, I think that's why I've been neglecting the Lendrum. No WooLee Winder + tiny (by comparison) bobbins = less efficient spinning.